Aircraft Rental

Imagine seeing the world from a whole new perspective. At NexGen Aviation, we boast an impressive fleet of aircraft for use in our flight training programs as well as for rental. Rent an aircraft to take out for a spin, or take your friends and family on a memorable trip where the journey there is as fun as the destination.  We offer a modern Rental Fleet that saves time and hassle of dealing with the airlines.  Schedule your aircraft checkout today!

Scenic Flights

Kentucky boasts some of the most gorgeous landscape of anywhere in the country.  The Bluegrass State features a rolling landscape full of horse farms, lush forrests, winding rivers, and the Appalachian Mountains.  You can experience all four seasons and you can't miss the beautiful autumn foliage over the Red River Gorge.  Cruise over the mighty Ohio River on a nice sunset flight with the Louisville Skyline in the background.  Ask about Champagne Flights!

30 Minute Scenic Flight for up to 3 passengers- $90

45 Minute Scenic Flight for up to 3 passengers- $156

45 Minute Champagne Flight (Includes Bottle of Champagne)- $175

Aerial Photography (Now Available)

Let us get you into position for that perfect aerial shot.  Utilizing our High Wing Sport Cub, we can get you in the perfect unobstructed angle.  Perfect for industrial building progress, real estate sales, or just for the hobbyist, it will be the most fun photo shoot you've ever experienced.

Call for rates!

Private Jet Charter

NexGen provides air travel solutions out of Lexington, KY and the tri-state area. We are a professional, FAA certificated Air Carrier #3NXA084L that provides safe, affordable, and reliable air charter services throughout the United States. We provide charter options for all budgets including jet and piston driven airplanes. Our crewmembers and staff are highly trained, experienced aviation professionals that work closely with you to ensure comfortable and hassle free air travel. Our goal is to help you obtain greater balance, increase productivity and enjoy more time with family, friends and business associates. 


For more information on NexGen Air Charter Flights, visit our Aircraft Charter and Management page.

Rent & Fly

Unlike other flight schools, NexGen Aviation is a supporter of rental services for certificated pilots. We don’t just want you to earn a license, we want you to use it! We want you to take that family vacation, that business trip, that weekend trip with friends, or a quick flight for a hundred dollar hamburger. Our rental fleet is fast, modern and well-equipped. 

Available for Overnight Rental!


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