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Our On-Demand Charter Program is perfect for any private traveler that flies less than 100 hours per year.  We are able to find an aircraft anywhere you are at very competitive rates.

At Nexgen, we don't believe in putting every client into a one size fits all program.  We embrace choice and flexibility.  Whether you fly a lot or a little, fly mostly round trips or one-ways, or utilize multiple aircraft types, we have a program that will fit your needs.  Our Charter Programs allow you to select an aircraft that fits each individual trip at highly competitive rates.  We will send you several of the best options for each trip and you select the option that is best for you.  Just show up to the plane on your time and we will have you airborne in a matter of minutes.  No TSA, no lines, and no being dragged off of oversold flights!


Our jet leasing option is for customers that fly more than 100 hours per year and want the advantages of lower hourly operating costs without the commitment of ownership.

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Whether you are looking for sole ownership or a partnership, we can help establish viable ownership options and present potential partners.  Our acquisition and management fees are some of the lowest in the industry and we can provide income options to offset cost of ownership.

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