Through our many years of experience in the industry and working with other companies, we've seen clients leave private aviation for a number of reasons.  Often these reasons are related to cost, limited options, and convenience.  We take pride in our ability to offer the most flexible, most economical programs, and service that is unique to each client's needs.  If it doesn't work for the client, it doesn't work for us.  Using this philosophy, Nexgen has grown from a simple start up with one airplane, to a fleet of modern jet aircraft.


Nexgen's fleet is comprised of newer more efficient aircraft.  This means lower operating costs for our owners and lower rates for our customers.  Flying in a Nexgen aircraft is clean, comfortable, and reliable.  They all feature the latest avionics including GPS, Satellite Weather and Radar, Traffic Collision and Avoidance Detection, and Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning Systems.  All of our aircraft are expertly maintained by factory authorized centers and a Director of Maintenance with decades of experience.


With years of experience in FAA part 121 Airline and part 135 Air Charter Operations, Nexgen operates with the highest respect for safety.  All of our crewmembers are highly trained by leading industry training partners biannually and feature thousands of hours of experience in the Airlines, Charter Industry, and U. S. Air Force so that we can ensure the ultimate luxury: your peace of mind.  Nexgen is an ARGUS Gold AND WYVERN safety rated operator.

4144 Aviator Rd., Suite 100, Lexington, KY 40510

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(859)-281-1177,  Training Email:  info@flynexgen.com

Charter Email: charter@flynexgen.com