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Image by André Ravazzi


Our Lease share program provides members special access to the entire Nexgen managed fleet, through fixed monthly payments and a low occupied hourly rate. The Aircraft Lease is ideal for travelers that fly over 50 to 100 hours per year.  Members get the almost all the same benefits of owning their own aircraft without the commitment of ownership.


The occupied hourly fee is based on the aircraft type and covers direct operating costs including fuel, engine and parts programs, plus fixed cost items such as hangar and insurance. Lease share members pay actual flight time versus estimated flight time.


  • No Re-Positioning Fees

  • Exclusive Fleet Access

  • Bulk Hourly Rates

  • No Asset Acquisition–Same Benefits of Ownership Without Residual Risk

  • Interchange Between Aircraft Types

  • Maximize Cash Flow

  • Low Hourly Rates Based on Aircraft Type Preferred

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