The Nexgen ownership program offers flexibility and ease of aircraft ownership.  Whether you want to purchase an entire aircraft or a share of one, we can assist you along the way.  We offer assistance with locating potential partners, if requested.  Nexgen offers owners the ability to earn revenue on their aircraft, if they so choose to reduce ownership costs.  Our agreements are flexible and advantageous for owners.  We attempt to split revenue hours equally among the fleet, to the best of our ability, to earn an ideal amount of revenue hours for our owners.

One-Time Acquisition Cost

Acquisition cost is based on the size of the share and aircraft type and is directly proportional to the number of hours you typically fly in a year.

Monthly Management Fee

Simple Monthly Management Fee covers operating costs including crew, training, hangar, insurance, and owner services support.

Direct Operating Costs

The hourly charge covers fuel, maintenance, and other direct operating costs. (Other fees include Federal Excise Tax, Airport Fees, and International Fees for travel outside of the U.S.)

For third party revenue flights, there is a small marketing fee attached to the hourly market rate.  Owners receive most of the revenue from charter to lower their cost of ownership.

  • Exclusive Fleet Access through interchange agreements

  • Tax & Depreciation Benefits

  • One-Time Acquisition Costs

  • Interchange Between Aircraft Types

  • Simple Monthly Fee

  • Fuel and Pilots Included in Cost

  • Guaranteed Availability


Nexgen provides Part 91 Aircraft Management Services for those who want to enjoy all the benefits of aircraft ownership without the hassles of complex flight operations and regulatory compliance.

Nexgen managed aircraft allows you to have peace of mind knowing your aircraft is being handled professionally and efficiently by the experts in private jet ownership, while enjoying the benefits of fleet discounts.

  • Hiring and Training Crewmembers

  • Supplemental Lift for Travel Needs Outside Your Own Aircraft

  • Fleetwide savings on Fuel, Maintenance, Hangar, Fleet Insurance Rates

  • Generate Revenue through Dry Lease to Offset Operating Costs

  • Oversight and Compliance of Regulations

  • Planned Inspection and Unplanned Aircraft Repair Managed

  • Safety Management System

  • Trip Support of Owners When Requested

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