Rental Fleet Pricing

Flight Design CTLS (Light Sport) - $120/Hr. Wet

Diamond DA-20 - $135/Hr. Wet

Diamond DA-40 Analog - $155/Hr. Wet

Diamond DA-40 G1000 Glass - $170/Hr. Wet

Piper Twin Comanche (Twin Engine) - $250/Hr. Wet

Piper Arrow (Single-Engine Complex) - $175/Hr. Wet

Cub Crafters Sport Cub (Tailwheel) - $135/Hr. Wet- For dual instruction only (ask about exclusive solo rental membership program)

Instructional Rates

Our philosophy begins with building a solid foundation on the ground and in the simulator to learn the procedures and maneuvers, without distraction, then transfer that knowledge into application in the aircraft.  We find that a student's learning curve and value increases by combining multiple lessons into larger blocks of time, in one day.  This reduces wasted time and increases efficiency of training so that the student is able to learn more effectively and spend more time on the topic without feeling rushed with smaller time blocks.  This method reduces the overall hours required for a certificate and reduces unnecessary costs to the student.

Instruction (Private, Instrument, Commercial, Complex, Multi, Cirrus, BFR, IPC) - $75/Hr.

Minimum 2 hour block applies

Half Day Instruction (4 Hour Time Block) - $250    

Morning Block 8am - 12pm, Afternoon Block 1pm - 5pm, Evening Block 6pm - 10pm

Full Day Instruction (8 Hour Time Block) - $400    

Block runs from 8am - 5pm, times may be adjusted based on schedule with prior consent.

4144 Aviator Rd., Suite 100,

Lexington, KY 40510

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