Simulator Training

Nexgen utilizes the Redbird FMX, full-motion simulator to mimic the thrill and challenges of real world flying.  The FMX features wrap around visuals, three axis motion, realistic cockpit controls, a worldwide database of airports, along with customizable weather making it an unmatched training value for our students.  Our simulator is an FAA approved Advanced Aviation Training Device (AATD) allowing training sessions to be logged toward each certificate and instrument currency.

Featured Aircraft:

Diamond DA-20 

Diamond DA-40 G1000 

Diamond DA-42 G1000, Multi Engine


$85 per hour plus instructor

FAA Approved Hours Loggable:

Course                            Part 61     Part 141

Private Pilot-                     2.5              2.5

Instrument Rating-           20              40%

Commercial Pilot-             50              20%

Airline Transport Pilot-     25

Instrument Proficiency Check- 61. 57 (d)(1)(ii) {NOTE: Circle to    land not authorized}

4144 Aviator Rd., Suite 100,

Lexington, KY 40510

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